The Blenders was an idea of Matthew Tivy's. At the time, he was moderating the Saturday night acoustic jams at the Studio. And he wanted to put together a band that would reflect what was happening in that room: mellow music with some harmonies.
He recruited Deb Navens and Ellen Weiss and Bill (who was with Double Clutch) and they performed in one of the Studio showcases at the Bitter End with drummer Jerry Hicks and keyboard player Gilaad Klein.

video: Running on Faith - 6/18/04

Deb, Ellen, Matthew, Bill, helplessly hoping

Michael, Jerry, Matthew, Ellen, Bill
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Deb left to work with Girls on Top and Matthew recruited
another guitar player who had become a regular in the Saturday
acoustic jam: Michael Burke. Michael called on his friend
James Sherer to play keyboards.
And Blenders II performed at the Bitter End.

video: Kid Charlemagne - 2/25/05
Ziggy Stardust - 2/25/05

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