Bill and Damian met in one of the Studio jams on Saturday night. They became friends with a singer/guitarist named Sunny who convinced them to form a band. Bill and Damian were going to play guitar. They recruited a bass player and auditioned some drummers but nothing clicked and the bass player had some issues.
Then, in another jam, they met Thor Fields and Evan Duby who were both dynamite guitar players. So Bill went back to playing bass. And Damian went back to playing drums.
Unfortunately, because of some personal issues, Sunny had to drop out. They recruited vocalist Lee Anne and Kerry and Sonic Sister was born.
They played twice, at the Bitter End and at the old Downtime.

video from Downtime:
Take Me to the River - 12/15/03

Evan, LeeAnne, Kerry, Damian, Bill, Thor
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LeeAnne and Kerry moved on to other projects (Kerry sings with Rob Watson's band the Knockouts) and Bill recruited Chuck Danas, another friend from the jams, to take up vocals. And Double Clutch was born.
Classic rock covers, two guitar attack, everything from the Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix to the Foo Fighters cover of Baker Street and Velvet Revolver's Slither. Loud, aggressive and fun. And loud. Did we mention loud? Oh well, that's rock and roll...

videos from the Bitter End:
The Ocean - 4/19/04
Foxey Lady
- 5/21/04
Taking Care of Business - 9/10/04
Slither - 1/21/05

Evan, Damian, Chuck, Bill, Thor
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