Sarah left to pursue other things, musical and not.
James' job took over his life. And then he moved to some fly-over state.
And Matthew decided that he could/should devote more time to music. So he reconnected with the band, the only surviving members from the Blenders at this point being Michael and Bill.
Micheal recruited his longtime friend Jason Hare to play keyboards and guitar and sing. And they set about putting together a set.

With every band project there's always the name thing. If you're lucky, you come up with something people remember. And if you're really lucky, there's a good story involved.
Of course many people have asked where Evil Prince Ludwig (the Indestructible) comes from.
Turns out, it's from the second of Rowan Atkinson's landmark historical documentaries Black Adder. The character is played by noted thesbian Hugh Laurie who nows stars on the Fox drama House.

Here's our story:
We all made lists of potential names to vote on.
And this was third on Michael's list. And Jason reacted very strongly to it. In the negative. Hated it. Hated it with extereme passion.
So of course that's why we're Evil Prince Ludwig (the Indestructible)

So there's lots of pictures. LOTS of pictures.
Mrs.Hare is quite the photographer and others have also taken pics, including Andrea Watts, Melissa von Ludwig & Martha Messineo

Click here to check out the gallery

and here are pics and a brief video from an acoustic set
performed for Matthew's birthday at cafe du soleil
(his wonderful restaurant at broadway and 104th).

There's also some video from various performances.
Click here for the epl video list


Over the past couple of years, one of EPL's biggest fans has been Arianne Daguin. She owns a company called D'Artagnan, purveyors of fine meats (oh, the meats are fine). She asked EPL to play at D'Artganan's 25th anniversary party.

And so, on February 22, 2010, EPL took the makeshift stage at Guastavino's in front of NYC's food elite and made 'em dance.

Joining us on stage for the last couple of songs were Top Chef's Tom Colicchio, Nobu's Drew Nieporent, and The Institute of Culinary Education's Rick Smilow and at various points Ming Tsai, former New York Times food critic Bryan Miller and Arianne herself.

Taking Care of Business
Green River
and that great French anthem Ca Plane Pour Moi

After more than two years away, EPL returned to
the Bitter End for a Studio showcase
on November 19th, 2010
for an ambitious and ramnbunctious set
spanning 5 decades of music.

Check out the band warming up in the back before they go on - you can hear the previous band still playing and that strange crunching sound you'll hear halfway through is one of the bartenders getting ice from the ice machine which lives in the dressing room.

The Longest Time rehersal

and later, here's Matthew singing
Jackson Browne's The Pretender

in the "green room" at the Bitter End

next up: nikki and the tatooed love boys

the tease
modesty blaze

double clutch
smack & katy
carole leigh

upcoming performances