here are some friends in no particular order...

Carole Leigh - singer, songwriter

Acoustic 80s - Michael and Jason's acoustic 80s project

Scanline - Bill's production company

The Studio - Bob Eliot's wonderful club where we all met and meet and play that funky music...

Bill's video - stuff that Bill has produced and created in the wacky world of TV

Bill Gottlieb: Riffs - Bill's documentary on photographer Bill Gottlieb

Little Shop of Monsters - the new show starring make-up artist Josh Turi

Solomon & Halsey - the soft rock dreams lives!

Ecletrix - Angela and the fun people who make video for the Studio (and others)

Janice Fitzgerald - songwriter

Girls on Top - nyc band of chicks

Take Out - the site for the short film written and produced by Bill - oooh, scary...

Matthew Tivy - the site for our favorite chef

Cafe du Soleil - Matthew's restaurant - broadway @ 104th st.

Dez M - our favorite dance goth chick

Jason Hare - a man, a plan

The Music Zoo - the best place to shop for things musical

Manhattan Beach Studios - recording studio in midtown

Soundtrap Studios - recording studio in Whidby Island - home of Robbie Cribbs

Six String Rebelers - a place where people can vent musically about our times - Robbie Cribbs' musical site

Debbie Rochon - the bestest indepedent film actress
watch an ID featuring Debbie produced by Bill

Brinke Stevens - the original Scream Queen
watch part of Bill's profile of Brinke

Fangoria Magazine - America's premiere Horror magazine
Fangoria Radio - with Debbie Rochon and Dee Snider

The New York City Horror Film Festival
watch Bill's report on this year's festival

some myspace friends:
Gary Hawthorne
Li Murillo
Alec Cumming
Andrea Watts
Danny Cohen
Gary Perkinson
Thor Fields
Evan Duby
Jennifer Bush


the tease
modesty blaze

double clutch
smack & katy
nikki and the tatooed love boys
carole leigh

upcoming performances