Orit Yaakobi asked Bill and Damian to play with her and guitarists Russell Booker and Erez Yaakobi (formerly of nikki and the tatooed love boys) at rebel (formerly downtime) on 8/07/08.
they went by the name bored (bill, orit, russell, erez, damian)
that's the good folks at rebel liberally using their fog machine...


bored - 08/07/08

bored - 08/0708
for the first time in many years, Bill has started performing his songs again.
here's a picture, taken on his cameraphone,
from an open mic at caffe vivaldi, 8/4/08.
his lottery number put him very late - hence the many empty tables...
can't stand that loneliness with you

Jason and Michael asked Bill to play and sing a couple of songs with them in their acoustic 80s iteration at Ha! on 8/8/08
once again it's cameraphone pics...

listen to Bill sing Overkill as special guest performer
listen to Jason sing Rio with guest bass by Bill - and if you weren't there, ask those who were, specifically Jessica Hare, about this very special performance...

in the late fall of 2010, Bob Elliot of the Studio asked Bill
to play with him in a one-off band
featuring guests Earl Slick (David Bowie and John Lennon's guitarist), Michael Cartellone (drummer for Damn Yankees and Lynyrd Skynyrd)
and JJ French (guitarist for Twisted Sister)
with John Muller of WPIX Channel 11 on vocals.

there wasn't a lot of rehersal time and on stage at The Bitter End 12/16/10 results were mixed. But here's some video featuring Earl:
Ziggy Stardust

in the center of the picture to the right is JJ French.

and in the spring of 2011, Bob called on Bill again so on May 6th, he once again took the stage at the Bitter End with Earl Slick and JJ French for two songs each and another two songs with Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors.

here is Little Miss Can't Be Wrong from that set, once again featuring the amazing bass cam...


Earl, Steven, Damien, Jen, Bill, Stuart...

the tease
modesty blaze

double clutch
smack & katy
nikki and the tatooed love boys
carole leigh

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