And then Matthew opened the restaurant. Cafe du Soleil, Broadway at 104th.
For some reason he couldn't play music anymore.
And Ellen went on to other things, her own music and some musical theatre.
Michael took over running the Saturday acoustic jam and one of those Saturdays a lovely lass named Sarah Mandel walked in, sat down and belted out a couple of numbers. She was (almost) instantly recruited for Blenders III.
Bill called on an old friend, Dueling Elvis drummer Tom Shepherd
(who had briefly played with Modesty Blaze in its waning days).
But without Matthew the thought was that it shouldn't be the Blenders anymore. One of the songs for the upcoming set was a rockin' little ditty called Congratulations Smack and Katy and Smack & Katy seemed a good idea
(at the time). The song was subsequently axed (of course).
With this lineup and this name, they played at the Bitter End twice.

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Ghost - 2/24/06
I Can't Tell You Why - 2/24/06
Wrapped Around Your Finger - 5/25/06
Brand New Key - 5/25/06
Never Been to Spain - 5/25/06

James, Michael, Tom, Sarah, Bill (she had a brand new pair of rollerskates)
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