Dr. Nikki is one of the Studio regulars. She and Bill have talked about putting a band together for a couple of years and, after one particular Saturday evening jam in the summer of 2007 wherein a couple of Pretenders songs were performed to great affect, the talk came around to a Pretenders' band. EPL was on hiatus,
Nikki had left her original band
and it seemed like the perfect time to do something.
Bill recruited Double Clutch drummer Damian and Nikki found guitarists Erez and Larry in the Studio ranks and the Tatooed Love Boys was formed.

click here for pics from 12/21/07

Mystery Achievement - The Bitter End 12/21/07

A second performance was planned for May 29th of 2008 to celebrate Erez's last opportunity to play in NYC before leaving for parts other. Unfortunately Larry wasn't available so Nikki recruited Ray for second guitar.

click here for pics from 5/29/08

Talk of the Town
Brass in Pocket
Back on the Chain Gang

A couple of years pass. People do their own thing (EPL etc.) And then Nikki gets a hankering to do it again so she calls the banners. This time, it's Michael Burke and Chip Calcagni on guitar.

10/28/11 they return to the Bitter End.
Middle of the Road
and a video from Bill's bass camera:
Message of Love

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the tease
modesty blaze

double clutch
smack & katy
carole leigh

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