Sometime in December of 2007, after a performance by the inimitable Carole Leigh, longtime Studio member Heather approached longtime Studio member Bill with the idea of putting a band together dedicated to what she called 80s B-sides, songs from the 80s people hadn't heard in a while.
She didn't have to twist Bill's arm (though she did).

They recruited Michael Burke and Tom Shepherd from Evil Prince Ludwig but after a few rehersals
Tom's schedule forced him to drop out.
They asked drummer John Morris of La Res and keyboardist Ray Nissen of,well, way too many projects to mention (though one of them would be Solomon Halsey) to step in.

U-Bahn played at the Bitter End on July 10th, 2008, a highly energetic set,
full of catchy songs, to tumultuous response.

click here for pictures from the set photographed by our friend Melissa Ludwig

The Metro
Die Young, Stay Pretty
I Ran

and thanks to our dear friend Carole Leigh for stepping up at the last minute and shooting this for us...

the tease
modesty blaze

double clutch
smack & katy
nikki and the tatooed love boys

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